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This is

This website is a Swedish national information service about clean vehicles and fuels. The website was launched in 1999 and is now a leading source of information for clean vehicle buyers in Sweden.

Here you find facts about environmentally classified passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks, clean fuels, as well as regulation and incentives for clean vehicles.

The aim of is to disseminate knowledge and product-neutral information about clean vehicles, fuels, and other relevant facts to buyers and drivers of clean vehicles.

The site should make it easier for potential vehicle buyers to choose clean vehicles and find clean fuels.

The website is run by the City of Stockholm, Gothenburg end Malmö. Vehicle data updates are provided daily by the company Autonet.

What is a clean vehicle in Sweden

There is not yet one single national definition of a clean vehicle in Sweden. On vehicles meeting any national definition of clean vehicles are presented.

Very simplified, covers detailled information on clean vehicles with low CO2-emissions available on the Swedish market.
The vehicles must also meet certain emission standards.

Check this page for details about Swedish clean vehicle definitions

Light clean vehicles available on the Swedish market

Click here to see a list of all new clean passenger vehicles currently for sale in Sweden.

Clean heavy duty trucks available on the Swedish market

Click to see an overview of clean heavy duty trucks available for sale in Sweden.

Find filling stations and charging points

Click here to find links to maps showing filling stations offering ethanol (etanol E85), filling stations offering biogas/natural gas as well as charging points for electric cars in Sweden.

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